Application settings

Directory to cache fetched remote URLscache/url
File holding account informationusers.db
Set to true to allow users to self registerfalse
Default entailment rules appliedrdfs
Optimise queries before executiontrue
Allow registered namespaces in queriestrue
Directory for persistent copy of in-memory RDFRDF-store
Build the fulltext token index while loadingtrue
Build the fulltext stem index while loadingfalse
Max number of concurrent requests in ClioPatria pool50
Stack limit in MB for ClioPatria pool1024
Directory where packages are downloadedcpack
Address of the fallback server
Technique to include RDF graphs in a pagesvg
When to use Transfer-Encoding: Chunkedon_request
Name the outside world can use to contact me
Port on the public server80
Default URL scheme to usehttp
Prefix for all locations of this server/data
Time limit handling a single query (0=infinite)300
Port the http server listens to3020
Number of server threads5
Additional options to pass to the HTTP server
Session timeout. If 0, session never times out3600
Url of the server itselfhttp://localhost:3020
List of files that provide a directory index
Enable CORS for the listed domains. Use [*] for all domains
Indentation used goals in the body8
Distance between tab-stops. 0 uses only spaces8
Place cuts (!) on the same linetrue
Width of a line. 0 is infinite78
If true, redirect from accept-header to extensionfalse
Server to exchange pack information
Maximum number of concurrent requests100
Size of the global stack in mega-bytes1000
Default entailment used for SPARQL queriesrdf
YASGUI server to use

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