Dutch maritime historical datasets

The following list provides an inventory of datasets related to the Dutch maritime history. The inventory is the result of the workshop on maritime historical data and research ‘Dobberende informatie: van zeevarenden naar databases’ organized at 7 September 2012 at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. It is based on an inquiry within the community of both scholars, professionals and others actively involved in creating and/or using (Dutch) historical maritime datasets. The inventory contains the important datasets, but does not claim to be exhaustive. For additions or comments, it is possible to contact mvr[at]iisg.nl.


These four datasets have been made available through the Dutch Ships and Sailors infrastructure:


Monsterrollen Noordelijke Nederlanden, 1800-1950
Jur Leinenga
Data: 77.043 records (34.552 sailors; 4.935 ships) (expanded with further research as part of the Dutch Ships and Sailors-project)


Generale Zeemonsterrollen VOC, 1691-1791
Matthias van Rossum
It is possible to access the excell-format of this dataset here.
This dataset is the result of the research-project ‘Social and intercultural relations between European and Asian sailors working for the Dutch East India Company (VOC)’, Matthias van Rossum, VU University (2008-2013) and has been made available through Dutch Ships and Sailors.
Data: 5321 records of ships and crew composition


Dutch-Asiatic Shipping 1595-1795
Huygens ING
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-yng-6vb
Data: 8.100 voyages


VOC opvarenden
Nationaal Archief
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-pul9-xg (versie 6, januari 2012)
Data: > 655.000 persons



Other datasets related to Dutch maritime history:


Dutch Atlantic connections: the circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1600-1795
Prof. dr. H. J. den Heijer, dr. W.W. Klooster, dr. R. Paesie, dr. J. Postma, dr. C. Reinders Folmer – van Prooijen and dr. J. Jacobs
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-82v-78l
Data: 7666 voyages (expanded with further research)

Underlying datasets:

Dutch shipping and trade with Surinam, 1683-1795 – J. Postma
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-ybr-34p

Dutch slave trade – J. Postma
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-5hy-oa0

Dutch trade with Curaçao, 1701-1762 – W. Klooster
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-tri-wxm

The Cadiz trade of Dutch warships, 1701-1755 – W. Klooster
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-6lf-jv1

Dutch interlopers, 1674-1730 – R. Paesie
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-cv5-cgp

Dutch shipping on Essequibo and Demarare in the Eighteenth Century – R.Paesie
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-ibq0-gi

Voyages of the WIC, 1674-1740 – H. den Heijer
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-02h-jfo

Dutch shipping to and from New Netherland in the Seventeenth Century – J. Jacobs
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-iazg-sq

Shipping Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie in the Eighteenth Century – C. Reinders Folmer – van Prooijen
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-x0jm-lr
The following two datasets are not yet included in the integrated database:

Exports from St. Eustatius to the Dutch Republic, 1783-1795 – H.R. Jordaan
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-ac5h-u1

Curaçao Slave Trade, 1700-1730 – H.R. Jordaan
Persistent Identifier: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-ne9o-r8


De Bye Passagiers Suriname
John H. de Bye
Not (yet) online
Data: 10817 records (hoofdpassagiers)

Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia
Huygens ING
Data: 18.000 voyages; 250.000 references to products


Dutch ships in tropical waters, 1595-1660
Menno Leenstra
Not online
Data: 50.000 voyages; 1.500 ships


Sonttolregisters 1497-1857
Jan -Willem Veluwekamp
Data: 1.390.699 voyages


Prize Papers Interrogations, 1650-1815
Jelle van Lottum
Database not (yet) online
More information: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/historycultures/departments/history/research/projects/migration.aspx


Prize Papers Consortium, 1650-1810
Not (yet) online, but includes the following projects:
Also: http://www.gekaaptebrieven.nl/tekst/links


Dutch Navy Life 1795-1815
Hugo Landheer
Not (yet) online
Data: several thousand letters


Maritiem Digitaal
Maritieme musea
Data: 825.000 records; 1.800.000 images


Scheepsmetingsdienst van liggers en brandmerken 1899-1981
Maritieme musea
Data: 330.000 records


Scheepstekeningen De Schelde 1875-1970
Ron van Maanen
Not online?
Data: >10.000 drawings (expanded with further research)


Liggers Scheepsmetingsdienst, 1890 – 1940
George Snijder en Jan Sepp
Data: 57.117 records


Bestand Historische Schepen (BHS)
Jan Sepp
(Restricted access)
Data: 1868 ships


War ships 1500-1860
Ron van Maanen
Not online [not digital]
Data: 32.000 war ships?


Piet Potjer
Data: 12540 ships; 14215 persons


Data: ?? ships


Nationaal Contactnummer Nederland
Periplus Archeomare i.s.m. Dienst der Hydrografie, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed en Rijkswaterstaat Noordzee
(Restricted access)
Data: 10806 records

Underlying datasets:

ARCHIS – Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

Wrakkenregister – Dienst der Hydrografie

Sonarreg – Periplus namens Rijkswaterstaat Noordzee


Sonarreg contacten database
Rijkswaterstaat Noordzee / Janneke Bos
Online – restricted access
Data: 6.600 records


Hydrografische database (Wrakkenregister)
Dienst der Hydrografie
Data: 3085 ship wrecks


Wrecks in Situ
Maritiem Programma Nederland, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed
Data: >200 ship wrecks


Wrakken Tessel 1575-1795
Wilma Gijsbers and Maarten Hell
Data: 410 ship wrecks


Noordzee Wrakkendatabase 1800-2000
A.J. de Lange and Gerton Dekkers
Not online
Data: 17556 files on wrecks


Wrakken Noordzee
Hans van der Weide
Not online
Data: 5000 ship wrecks



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